New Way to Bring Down Energy Consumption in Office Buildings

New Way to Bring Down Energy Consumption in Office Buildings

When you’re responsible for managing a commercial building, you need to figure out ways to maintain the functional costs down. Among the very best ways to do it is to create a more energy efficient infrastructure.

However, it’s not enough to just reduce energy consumption. You will need to have the ability to track it so that you can control and manage your building’s energy at all times.

How to Measure Energy Consumption

There are lots of techniques to measure energy consumption so that you can identify problem areas in your building. This, in turn, lets you precisely target those areas on your energy efficiency efforts. To quantify energy consumption, you can:

Use Portfolio Manager

It is among the most basic techniques to determine the energy usage of your commercial construction. All you will require to do is gather data from your electricity bills and fill that data into Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager Program. This program will compute the EUI (Energy Use Intensity) of your building by dividing the total energy your building consumed within a year from the entire gross floor area of your building.

Then, you can match your numbers by examining out the EPA’s energy use benchmarking statement to determine where your building stands compared to other comparable industrial buildings.

Employ a Building Energy Management System

A building energy management system might look like a significant investment at first glance. But it can help significantly lower your building’s monthly energy costs. These costs, as you know, can be substantial in their own right — so just imagine the savings!

A building energy management program permits you to connect all of your building’s systems. Anything from the HVAC system to the light system could be accessed, monitored and controlled from a remote location in your tablet or Smartphone. A building energy management program will offer you in-depth analytics regarding your systems’ energy usage. You may view their overall energy usage in addition to peak energy utilization times. You can also see how much energy is used in real time.

Implementing a building energy management system is a powerful way to pinpoint which of your building’s systems are consuming the most energy so you can concentrate on energy efficient upgrades that will make the most significant impact.

Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

As soon as you’re ready to determine energy consumption, you will want to tackle problem areas of your building. The following are some of the best ways that you can reduce your business building’s energy consumption:

Update to LED Lighting

Commercial buildings have a tendency to use up plenty of energy when it comes to light — mainly if there are people present at all hours of the night and day. If your building uses conventional light bulbs, substitute them with LED lights. LED lights not just use less energy — they are having more life than standard bulbs.

Update your HVAC System

Older heating, ventilation and cooling units may be inefficient. Newer units can enhance the efficiency of your building in addition to improving the overall air quality. In case you’ve implemented a building energy management system, you should have the ability to plan your cooling and heating systems to set to their most valuable levels whenever the occupation of a room is at zero.

In fact, using a building energy management system lets you control the heating and cooling for each room separately. That means you won’t be wasting vast amounts of energy heating or cooling the whole building just because one area is in use.

Upgrade Appliances

Search for Energy Star rated appliances, whether they’re refrigerators or vending machines. These kinds of devices suck energy constantly, which means newer; more energy efficient designs deserving investing in.

Install Smart Plugs

All appliances continue to absorb energy as long as they’re plugged in — even if they’re turned off. BOSS Smart Plugs permit you to track the energy usage of your appliances and electronics, also, to remotely control their energy usage.

A New Way To Heat Up A Room Or Office Space

Saiterm’s infrared heating technology will help to enhance heating quality, reduce inner energy utilization and make the environment healthier for people.

Saiterm has launched a new infrared heating technology which promises to decrease energy consumption by around 50%. Based in Amsterdam, the”SPRING” infrared heating mode will completely alter how homeowners will feel warm in the long run.

Infrared heating provides warmness to people by producing the warmth of sunlight on your face. Unlike gas or electrical systems which generate air currents, “SPRING” converts each and every watt of electricity by heating people directly. After the body intercepts infrared heat, it improves blood flow and enhances the immune system by decreasing inflammation and joint pain.

From a technical viewpoint, there are different kinds of infrared rays, which can be split into groups of wavelengths from 0.01 mm (long wave) to 0.0008 mm (short wave). Halogen and quartz lamps utilize “short wave” bands and discharge intense light that’s potentially harmful to the eyes.

Therefore, Saiterm has concentrated solely on long-wave infrared heating devices based on the Council Directive 2006/25, and their infrared panels release thermal energy in total compliance with European legislation.

Saiterm’s panels discharge heat gently and evenly, making the home environment exceptionally comfy. When you set up “SPRING” panels, the air temperatures will increase slowly, facilitating better breathing and concentration, and crucially, the perceived room temperature is going to be 2 or 3 levels higher than the one detected.

The “SPRING” infrared panels of dimensions 1200 mm x 600 mm need just 460 watts of power to achieve over 85 ° C, thus achieving the ideal ratio between electricity consumption and heat emission available. When compared with electric heat and conventional gas, “SPRING” provides substantial homeowners power savings and can also be less expensive than the more efficient rival versions, as, even in comparison to the underfloor heating system, which is on average 236 percent more costly to control.

Salvatore Morale, CEO of Saiterm, talked about the eco-benefits of this infrared: “SPRING” is the most effective heating system in the world, and we think that infrared technology enables homeowners to decrease energy costs and preserve the atmosphere at the exact same time. Encompassing the “SPRING” infrared technology the planet can live and work in greatest comfort considering the atmosphere of the earth.”

Available for commercial and domestic properties, “SPRING” will be offered in various sizes and can be controlled remotely by a Smartphone, thermostat, and tablet. The owners can easily install the unit on a ceiling or wall, as it doesn’t need piping or maintenance, which makes it an inexpensive and eco-friendly heating solution for houses and businesses, new or to be revived, or to enhance the comfort of one room.

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