General FAQs

What is Race to Reduce about?

Race to Reduce is a uniquely built corporate challenge that seeks to have office landlords and their tenants come together to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. It is an Initiative of Civic Action and runs for four years.

What sets Race to Reduce apart from any other energy reduction challenge?

What gives Race to reduce a competitive edge is the fact that it is the only competition across Toronto that brings tenants of office buildings and their landlords together to promote energy conservation and efficiency.

Under whose management is the Race to Reduce?

Greening Greater Toronto runs Race to Reduce. As mentioned earlier, it is an initiative of Civic Action.

What is the period over which the Race to Reduce runs?

The Race will run from 2011 to 2014, a period of four years.

Define a building team.

The building team will comprise of a building’s landlord and one or as many tenants within that building.

Where in Toronto region is the Race to Reduce Initiative running?

The Race to Reduce runs across Toronto, Mississauga, Markham and other areas in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

Define Race to Reduce Plan?

This includes a plan developed collaboratively picked by the landlord and participating tenants. These plans that will aim at helping participants reduce their energy use and will be used to track the members’ progress.

Participation / Eligibility

Who can participate In the Race to Reduce?

All citizens of any age, size or gender in the Toronto region are qualified to participate; as long as they are landlords or tenants of office buildings.

As a tenant, can I register without my landlord?

We allow this provision. However, we encourage you to get your landlord on board as soon as possible.

As a tenant, how do I convince my landlord to join?

We advise that you begin by approaching your landlord with every information you can gather about the Race to Reduce. You can also host a Greening Our Workplaces meeting in your building to introduce the landlord and other tenants to the Race to Reduce and to talk about energy-saving measures that can be done in your building from behavior and operational changes to capital projects.

As a landlord, can I register without a tenant?

Although this provision is permissible, we encourage you to get a tenant on board as soon as possible.

As a landlord, can I participate in the Race to Reduce with just one of my tenants?

Yes, a landlord and at least one tenant make a building team and can take part in the Race to Reduce.

As a landlord, how do I convince my tenant(s) to join the Race to Reduce?

We advise that you start by sharing the Race to Reduce info package [internal link] with your tenants. We also advise that you consider inviting your tenants to a Greening Our Workplaces meeting to introduce them to the Race to Reduce and to talk about energy-saving measures that can be done in your building. This will cover many topics from behavior and operational changes to capital projects.

If a building has two or more landlords or owners, do they all need to sign up so as to participate in the Race to Reduce?

No. Only the building management organization representing the ownership needs to sign up. However, if each of the owners wishes to register, they are welcome to participate.

When is the deadline for registration in the Race to Reduce?

Registration for the Race to Reduce Initiative is ongoing throughout the four years of the challenge, until 2014. To qualify for the annual awards, however, you must meet the awards deadline of each year.

If my office is not in the downtown core region, am I still eligible to participate?

Yes. We welcome and encourage participation from office buildings across the Toronto region. We currently have participants in the 416 and 905 areas.

If my portfolio includes buildings outside the Toronto region as well, can offices outside of the Toronto region participate?

Sadly, no. While we endeavor to make the Race as inclusive as we possibly can, Race to Reduce is presently just active in the Toronto locale (City of Toronto, Halton/Hamilton, Peel, York, and Durham). If your building is outside of the Toronto locale, we welcome you to exploit the numerous resources given on the site.

Does it cost me to register and participate?

The best part is that registration is completely free!

If I’m already part of another initiative/challenge, am I still legible to participate in the Race to Reduce?

Yes. As long as the goals and objectives are not in conflict, you can participate in multiple initiatives and challenges. In fact, The Race to Reduce can be a helpful way to build on other initiatives.

Benefits of Participating in the Race to Reduce Initiative

As a tenant, what are the Benefits of Participating in the Race to Reduce Initiative?

The Race to Reduce offers you a platform to meet other tenants in your building and work with them and your landlord to make your building with the aim of making you’re the region a better place.

More efficient energy use will not only save money but also improve productivity. The Race to Reduce is a great opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s leadership to your stakeholders and the public at large.

Employees’ engagement and improving their work environment through Race to Reduce will lead to improved employee satisfaction and help recruit and retain top talent.

As a landlord, how will I benefit from participating in the Race to Reduce?

The Race to Reduce is a compelling approach to highlight endeavors already in progress inside your building, and motivate occupants to expand on those efforts.

Working with your tenants will help you pull in and hold residents. It’s a chance to exhibit your association’s initiative with your tenants, workers, and partners and people in general.

Why should I participate in Race to reduce if my building already meets LEED standards?

Race to Reduce is interested in a wide range of office buildings whether they are new or old, huge or small. Regardless of the possibility that the building has been worked to LEED standards, how individuals work and act in the building largely affects the use of energy. Tenants and landlords can cooperate to change practices, enhance operations, refresh office hardware and enhance the primary concern.


What does the 10% target mean?

Over the four-year challenge, all participants will work towards reducing collective energy consumption in participating office buildings by 10%.

If my building is not able to meet the 10% reduction target, are we still eligible to participate?

Yes. We acknowledge that a few landlords and tenants a have made enormous endeavors in diminishing the energy use in their buildings and that accomplishing a further 10% decrease might be more troublesome. The 10% drop in target is for the total group of participants.


What if I get my data leaked?

Race to Reduce has a strict privacy policy that restricts sharing of any private information or data without an organization’s consent. Please see our privacy statement. Click Here

FAQs Portfolio Manager


If I am a tenant participating in the Race to Reduce, will I need to submit data to Portfolio Manager?

No. Your landlord/owner/building manager will submit the data for the building.

If I’m a property manager, who’s responsibility is it to submit the data for my building?

If you deal with a building that is a piece of a bigger portfolio, please seek counsel with your organization administration to decide if information is submitted centrally or whether each building is in charge of presenting its particular data.

If I own/manage more than one building, do I need to submit the energy data for all the buildings?

Data submission is highly encouraged but not required for participation in the Race to Reduce. However, for a building to be eligible for a Building Performance Award, you must submit building data to Portfolio Manager.

For what period, do I need to submit data?

Data from 2010 (Race to Reduce baseline), 2011, 2012, and 2013 must be submitted to Portfolio Manager.

Once I have already set up a Portfolio Manager account for my LEED projects, will I be able to use the same account for the Race to Reduce?

Yes, you will be able to use the same account.

I have previously submitted data to Portfolio Manager for my LEED application, using Cabs grandfathered rules. Is my submission eligible for inclusion in the Race to Reduces overall reduction and annual awards?

No, you will need to amend your building data to reflect the current Energy Star rules for Portfolio Manager.

How to Submit and Share Data

If I already have an account in REAL Pac, do I need to create a new account in Portfolio Manager?

Yes, click here to create or access your account.

What is the process of submitting data into Portfolio Manager?

The procedure to enter data can be found here. For ENERGY STAR training modules click here.

Why am I asked to share my data with the Race to Reduce?

This is because Race to Reduce requires participant data from Portfolio Manager to calculate annual progress, awards, and overall 10% reduction.

What is the process of sharing data in Portfolio Manager with the Race to Reduce?

To share your data with the Race to Reduce, please refer to the Portfolio Manager Share Data Guide. Select Race to Reduce Civic Action from the Select a Portfolio Manager Master Account.

When sharing my data with the Race to Reduce in Portfolio Manager, will I need to grant full permission to the Race to Reduce to access my data?

No, Race to Reduce does not need full access. Please grant the Race to Reduce Read-only access.

Will I require to go through a consultant for the submission?

Notify you to contract a qualified energy consultant though; you may be eligible for a subsidy. See further details below.

Is re-submission required next year?

Data will need to be submitted on an annual basis and by the stated deadline to be considered for the Building Performance Awards.

Is there a simpler way of uploading information about multiple buildings all at once?

Yes! If you are entering information for different buildings, you have the alternative of bringing in the bigger part of your office data utilizing a Portfolio Manager Properties Spreadsheet.

For more answers to your Portfolio Manager related inquiries, please visit the Energy Star Portfolio Manager FAQs here.

See the Race to Reduce Portfolio Manager Training Webinar