Join this friendly corporate challenge to improve air quality and your bottom line by reducing energy use in office buildings across the Toronto region. The race is open to all landlords and tenants in buildings of any age, size or use.

Leading cities across North America are launching office building challenges to reduce energy use.

The Race to Reduce takes eliminating energy waste a step further:

  • All types of office buildings are included
  • Unprecedented collaboration between landlords and tenants
  • Easy to join and simple to manage
  • Four-year race with annual awards

indoor air quality

Employees Are More Productive with Clean Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality On average, Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors. Because of this, our indoor air quality is important and we need to make sure buildings are properly ventilated and air-conditioned (HVAC) to prevent any health problems. Indoor air quality issues can harm everybody's health. People with allergies, asthma, or lung disease can be significantly affected by poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality may harm growth in kids and has been associated with lung disease later in life. Common signs and symptoms of individuals exposed to poor indoor air contain: ...
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New Way to Bring Down Energy Consumption in Office Buildings

When you're responsible for managing a commercial building, you need to figure out ways to maintain the functional costs down. Among the very best ways to do it is to create a more energy efficient infrastructure. However, it's not enough to just reduce energy consumption. You will need to have the ability to track it so that you can control and manage your building's energy at all times. How to Measure Energy Consumption There are lots of techniques to measure energy consumption so that you can identify problem areas in your building. This, in turn, lets you precisely target those areas on your energy efficiency efforts. To quantify energy consumption, you can: ...
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The Guide To Building A Comprehensive Energy Management Program

Commercial buildings in cities usually consume more energy compared to other smaller businesses. However, of significant concern is the aspect that about 30 % of electricity is wasted unnecessarily in large commercial buildings and we need to find ways to save energy. Companies, in the end, are forced to pay high utility bills which significantly contribute to increases in operational costs. It is essential for commercial building owners to encourage energy saving practices among the tenants. They can use the cost savings for specific components of their businesses that are critical. As such, this article gives you tips about the measures you can take to save energy in commercial buildings. Both business owners and employees can make a difference if they take responsibility in saving ...
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green office buildings

Creating Smarter, Greener Buildings To Reduce Energy Waste

When it comes to saving the environment, there are lots of small steps that we can take as individuals. Personal habits, like carpooling, use public transportation and use less plastic, all help. Energy saving devices like LED light bulbs, robotic tools, smart appliances, or smart systems in our residences are popular too. But, we cannot let larger companies avoid their share of the responsibilities. We play our part with residential measures to reduce energy waste and should encourage our bosses to follow our lead. Building developers and designers can create smart buildings with impressive energy savings. The new features ensure that staff works under a greener roof, and sometimes literally. Interconnected devices, smart sensors, and green materials help reduce energy waste. They ensure that the ...
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Sustainable Green Building

How to Snag a Job in the Green/Sustainable Building Industry

"Green/sustainable building industry" is a very popular term in construction today, but what does it really mean and how can one get a job in this industry? New jobs in this ever growing industry are happening all the time, you may need to edit your resume (CV) to fit the new job descriptions.  Think about your background and experiences and rewrite the skills learned so they can apply to this new industry.  You may be able to write your own professional resume, but otherwise contacting a resume writing company is a smart choice.  You need to understand the lingo so you will catch the employers attention according to  Gooodjob.com, the best resume writing services include coming up with a strategy to create the right resume. So ...
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