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Collective Energy Reduction (2010-2012)

Landlords and tenants have reduced their collective energy use by nine per cent, just one point shy of the Race’s ultimate collective reduction goal of at least 10 per cent by the end of 2014.


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Unique Collaboration between Landlords and Tenants

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Four-Year Challenge to Reduce Energy and Costs

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Toronto's Progress

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Over 175 Buildings
67 Million Square Feet

More than 32% of the region’s office space already registered!

Race to Reduce is Your Chance to Make an Impact in Energy Reduction

Join this friendly corporate challenge to improve air quality and your bottom line by reducing energy use in office buildings across the Toronto region. The race is open to all landlords and tenants in buildings of any age, size or use.

Leading cities across North America are launching office building challenges to reduce energy use.

The Race to Reduce takes eliminating energy waste a step further:

  • All types of office buildings are included
  • Unprecedented collaboration between landlords and tenants
  • Easy to join and simple to manage
  • Four-year race with annual awards